Saturday, November 11

Look at my new blog!

Wow, check me out! I have done all this by myself, no help whatsoever. I'm liking it. Let me know your thoughts on it.

I am stuck however on one thing. I wish to change the picture right at the top, to something more Fire Service related, and I can't work out how to. Any technical help will be very much appreciated.

I'm feeling very smug with myself today. I may have a treat for being so clever.


taigovinda said...

In order to change that picture, first get your replacement. You'll probably want to edit your picture so that it fits nicely into its place. (The picture that is there right now is at , the easiest might be to save their pic onto your computer and then fit yours over it. That way the dimensions stay just right.)

Next, upload your picture to your blog. Do this by creating a post with just the picture. Then edit the post, edit html, and find the link to the picture. It will be preceded by "a href" and will look something like this: ...Copy that link, you'll need it. Later you can delete the post.

Then, under customize->template->edit html, download a copy of your current template in case you mess it up. Check "expand widget templates" and search for Paste over it with the link to your own picture, save the changes and you're done.

Hope this helps.

caramaena said...

Nice work Miranda :)

There may be an easier way, but I'd choose your pic, upload it somewhere, go to your template and then replace the following line with the url to your pic:

(it's under the #header bit)

Hope that helps.

Fussy Bitch said...

I see you've had the advice bit already so I'll just say love the new look and glad to see you back blogging again, Miranda.

Miranda Shuttleworth said...

Thanks for all the technical stuff. I'm struggling and therefore I will be sticking with the lovely picture of a statue in a park and some background pictures of trees!

Just a quick note, Rob, the Midland Firefighter can you please message me as I seem to have lost your link in my changeover and can no longer find you! It was nothing personal, honest!

Rachel said...

Love the swishy new look. And am v. impressed with your technicalese

Donna said...

I noticed that you haven't changed your picture. taigovinda offered some good advice.

Here is how I changed mine ...

First, I right clicked on the image and "viewed the background image". I worked out what it was called, and by right clicking on it, I actually got its properties and dimensions.

My first step was to create my replacement picture of the same dimensions as the one I was replacing.

Once I got that done, I created a post to my blog and entered the picture in to it.

I then reviewed my own blog post, and the enlargement of my picture. That gave me the URL (location) of my own picture.

It was then a case of going in to the template of my blog, and replacing the name of the current picture for the name of my new one.

When I deleted the blog entry, the picture stayed on their system, so the title stayed the same as well!