Tuesday, November 7

Bonfire Night

The week before Bonfire night I had the same question from friends and family.... Is it really busy on the 5th November? My standard response, having worked several over the years, is not really, everyone thinks it is but many people don't bother to call in fires or smoke they can see as they put it down to 'Bonfire Night'.

Well they is always a danger that I am wrong. As a female in Fire Control, I can assure you it doesn't happen very often mind, but this year, wow. What a weekend!!

The majority of our incidents were firework related. Mainly isolated letting off of highly explosive materials that are brought as easily as a loaf of bread. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE fireworks, the ooohhhh-ing and the aaarrrrrgggghhhh-ing and all the pretty colours. We have seen over the weekend the dangers that this brings. So many injuries, damaged property and heartbroken relatives. No doubt on your local news there have been articles on some terrible accidents. Is it worth it?


Ian said...

Hi, i've been reading your blog lately and was wandering if you were ever going to return! lol! Anyway i went to a bonfire/firework display and all went well until the bonfire collapsed, the fire started to spread quite quick but fortunatly the firemen were close by! Oh carry on the good work on here it's a good read.

Kyle Sterry said...

Nice to see you alive again! Going to be any more entries soon?

Miranda Shuttleworth said...

Hello both, it has been longer than I intended but I am back now and can hopefully keep upto date with it all!! Thanks to all who have missed me, I'm touched!! Wahey x

Kyle Sterry said...

A relative of mine is a full time firefighter and he complained he didn't get much sleep on bonfire night this year.

The last call was just before the end of his shift to the edge of the boundary, to a bonfire that was well on its way out in the early morning drizzle, less smoke coming off than a candle.

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