Saturday, July 22

Sunshine, glorious sunshine.....

Normal jobs, people are being told, take it easy, wear shorts, relax the ties.... Firefighters - have some sun screen - factor 25, bottle of water and get on with it! It is not a job I would like to be doing in this heat. I admire them on that level, I really do. However...... please do not bleat to us how busy you are and how we must feel sorry for you, even if it is in jest! ;o)

In the Control Room we don't have 'reliefs'. We work until we change shift. If that happens to be from 1100hrs until 1800hrs then that is what we do. We have a glass of water on the desk and we graft. 999 call after 999 call. Queuing minor incidents, attending property fires. Nipping out for a quick bite of a sandwich and going back in order for others to get out. Don't get me wrong, we are paid to do exactly that. And I love it when we are busy! But, the last few shifts we have grafted and we have done it below minimum staffing.

The body seizes up, starting with your shoulders. You start talking 'efficiently', like every single word that comes out of your mouth is of upmost importance. This is so everyone understands exactly what you mean, so you don't have to repeat anything. Repeating things takes time. Time is short. 'Would. you. like. a. glass. of. water. ?' - 'Yes. please.' A little bit like old Nikki from Big Brother, but not so stupid. Well, matter of opinion on some of us I suppose! You also find humour. Things that are just so not funny become hilarious. 'Proceed to grass in the open' Brigade wide over the radio. Try and correct it. Get it even more wrong. Doh!

But most importantly, we work as a team. Each one knowing and recognising each others highs and lows. I have had the pleasure of working with a fantastic watch over the last tour and that makes me proud. I love my job, my watch and my responsibility. We have worked every bit as hard as the firefighters so I love every single one of them that appreciates it!!

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, I am a police controler and a part time fire fighter..... July nearly killed me.... I mean nearly killed me.... I have booked all of Aug off work in a bid to recover...

At least when we have a reg control room fire will not be so busy (hahaha, stupid government, how little they know about fire controls)