Friday, April 21

Looking forward to Leave!

Well I am off on my holidays this week. And not a minute too soon I can tell you! I'm off to sun myself somewhere lovely and exotic. I shall be thinking of everything but work whilst lying on a beach sipping cocktails.

I will leave you with one lovely snippet from a recent call:

FC - Ok stay away from the fire, we have a fire engine on the way
Caller - Will do, but I can't get too close as its really hot


Charles said...
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Charles said...

And, I'm looking forward to your return!

A thoroughly interesting blog - especially for me since I am (hopefully) on the verge of getting a job as a comms officer with the Met, so any related info that may help me along the way is very useful.

I have completed the interview, practical test, security check etc. but have stumbled on a minor part of the hearing test, which I hope will be resolved at another check on 10th May. Then it's a question of getting a start date, six weeks+ training and off to a new career.

If all that happens I will have proven that life does indeed start at 40!


caramaena said...

Hoping you're back soon! Dying to hear how your holiday was :)