Thursday, April 13

Explanation of my Absence!

Thank you for all your concerns on my absence! Truly touched.

Unfortunately nothing to exciting to report - I wish it was a dramatic as being abducted by aliens, but alas its not. Not even as exciting as the computer being broken!!

I had been seconded to another department for a three week period. It meant working Monday to Friday 9-5 (ish) and I found that when I returned home the last thing I felt like doing was looking at another computer screen!! Its been a real eye-opener actually, not the work (quite boring really) but the fact of doing the 'rush hour traffic' everyday! Getting up every morning. Feeling totally drained every evening. Thank goodness I'm back doing my unsociable shift pattern. Can't believe how much I missed it. Working a night shift is always a killer but give me that any day of the week compared to getting up 5 times in a row!!

Anyway, I'm back into my routine of waking and flicking on the tely, watching a bit of The Wright Stuff, pottering about and being generally lazy until my night shift. Downside - gotta work all over the Easter Weekend. :o(

One quick related call - Bird Flu - why of why would you decide to call the Fire Service if you found a dead bird? We have all been given the phone number for DEFRA on our desk in case anyone rings. Why? Because no doubt they will at some point.


M2KB said...

Yep! Had a 999 call reporting a dead bird earlier. I phoned DEFRA...

Next time someone rings us to report a dead bird, I'll GIVE THEM the number.

Glad you are alive and well !!

Donna said...

I remember seeing a humerous picture of a load of chickens. One went, "Achoo!" Another went, "Very funny Harry."