Tuesday, November 1

My Very First Post!

Welcome to my very first posting! I must admit that I have found the whole process very easy so far and I am looking forward to the whole 'blogging' malarky!

So, a bit about me..... I work for the Fire Service as a Fire Control Operator in the Emergency Control Room. When I usually give my occupation to people the first comment I receive is 'So, you answer the phones then?'. Well, to sum it all up in a nutshell.... Yes! However, it is so much more than that.

I have decided to create this blog after being inspired by www.NeeNaw.co.uk I'm not even sure how I came across his blog, but since reading it for the first time I have been hooked!!

My main aim for this blog is to prevent my poor friend from having her ear chewed off everytime I come home from work with 'yet another rant'. Why is it that we only ever discuss the annoying topics of the day, rather than giving praise where praise is due??

1 comment:

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